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Why use RFQ?

Submit quote for your Custom Request

Submit quote for your Custom Request

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Receive response

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Choose the Right Supplier

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Close deal

How should I send a RFQ on Tradewinds Marketplace?

We have made preparing a RFQ simple.

Complete Requesters information: Note: Remember, the more detail you provide; the more relevant the vendors responses will be. It’s a good idea to interface with other members of your staff or departments within your business to identify all the required specifications.

Complete Product information: Add additional notes. Eg. Multiple colors, fabric needs etc

Review details and Submit

Review vendor responses.

After sending the RFQs, you can begin to receive responses. As a rule, it makes sense to make your vendor pool small enough, so it’s manageable for you.

While capacity will vary depending on your business’ resources, eight is typically a good number to start with. You should also allow enough time for the vendor and their team to work through the RFQ.

By the end of the deadline, you can then review responses to identify what vendors present the best prices that

Choose your preferred quote: Your decision will likely be the vendor that presents the best price. But this may not always be the case. You may decide to select a higher-priced product if it also meets all of your procurement needs in terms of quality and custom solutions.

You should notify the vendor you have chosen of your decision and how you intend to proceed. Be certain to keep a copy of the RFQ as it will form the basis of your contractual relationship going forward.

Close out the process:

Lastly, close out the process by formalizing the arrangement with the vendor.

Remember, a RFQ only leads to a quotation from the vendor. It is not a contract and cannot be enforced until it is formally agreed upon by both parties. Also, notify other vendors who sent in quotations of your decision to go with another vendor.

RFQs help B2B buyers identify what sellers best meet their procurement price point so that they can work within their budget.

Thus, it is an essential and powerful tool during the procurement process. With the tradewinds market place RFQ page, you can find, connect with, and request competitive prices from vendors in Latin America and the Caribbean. Visit our RFQ webpage today or contact us now to start buying from international sellers.

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