• Account Questions

    What should I do if I forgot my password?

    If you forget your password, you can easily reset it using the 'forgot password' feature on the Tradewinds Marketplace login page. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

    1. Navigate to Login Page: Go to the Tradewinds Marketplace login page.
    2. Click 'Forgot Password': Located below the sign-in button.
    3. Enter Email: Input the email address associated with your account.
    4. Check Email:You will receive an email with a password reset link. Follow the instructions provided.
    5. Reset Password: Click the link in the email and enter your new password. Confirm the password and submit.
    6. Login: Return to the login page and use your new password to access your account.
  • What can I do if my account was deactivated?

    If your account has been deactivated, please contact our Admin department. Here’s how:

    1. Email Admin: Send an email to
    2. Include Details: Make sure to include your account number, the email used for your account, and any relevant information regarding the deactivation.
    3. Wait for Response: Our Admin team will review your request and respond with further instructions to resolve the issue and potentially restore your account.
  • How do I update my account information?

    To update your account information:

    1. Log in to Your Account: Access your Tradewinds Marketplace account.
    2. Go to Profile Settings: Navigate to the profile section.
    3. Edit Information: Update your email, phone number, address, or any other details.
    4. Save Changes:Ensure you save the changes before exiting.
  • How do I delete my account?

    If you wish to delete your account, please follow these steps:

    1. Contact Support: Email our support team at
    2. Include Details: Provide your account number and the reason for deletion.
    3. Confirm Request: Our team will confirm your request and proceed with the account deletion.
  • Sourcing Questions

    How do I buy on TWMP?

    Buying on Tradewinds Marketplace is straightforward. Follow these steps

    1. Browse or Search: Use the categories or the keyword search bar to find the desired product.
    2. Select Product: Click on the product to view details. If available for direct purchase, add it to your cart.
    3. Select Quantity: Choose the quantity you wish to purchase.
    4. Proceed to checkout: Click on the cart icon and proceed to checkout to complete the purchase.
    5. Non-Live Buy Products: For products not available for direct purchase, contact the seller through the platform to negotiate terms.
    6. Receive Quote: The seller will provide a quote based on your negotiations.
    7. Confirm and Pay: Confirm the quote and make a real-time payment.
  • How can I search for products on TWMP?

    To search for products on Tradewinds Marketplace:

    1. Keyword Search: Use the search bar at the top of the page to enter keywords related to the product.
    2. Browse Categories: Navigate through the various categories listed on the homepage or the side menu.
    3. Similar Products: View similar products suggested on product pages.
    4. Seller Catalogs: Check the catalogs of sellers offering items of interest.
  • What is MOQ?

    MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. It refers to the smallest quantity of a product that a seller is willing to sell. This is set to ensure efficient inventory management and cost-effectiveness for sellers.

  • How do I add a product to My Favorites?

    To add a product to your favorites list:

    1. Navigate to Product: Go to the product page you are interested in.
    2. Click Star Icon: Click on the star icon located near the product name or price.
    3. Access Favorites: The product will be added to your favorites list, which you can access from your profile or dashboard for future reference.
  • How can I find the supplier's profile?

    To find the supplier’s profile:

    1. Product Page: Scroll down on the product page.
    2. Profile Tab: Select the profile tab in the additional information section.
    3. View Details: This section contains details about the supplier, including their background, product offerings, and ratings.
  • Can I know the product details, such as price, MOQ, and shipping fee?

    Yes, product details such as price, MOQ, and shipping fees are available on the product page. For non-live buy products, these details will be provided during the negotiation process.

  • How do I post an RFQ?

    To post a Request for Quotation (RFQ):

    1. RFQ Button: Click on the "Submit an RFQ" button located on the main page, dashboard, or product search page.
    2. Fill Form: Complete the form with details about your requirements.
    3. Submit: Submit the RFQ to potential sellers. Sellers will respond with quotes for your request.
  • What are the different product categories available on TWMP?

    Tradewinds Marketplace offers a vast range of product categories including:

    • Agriculture
    • Apparel
    • Beauty & Personal Care
    • Business Services
    • Chemicals
    • Construction & Real Estate
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Electrical Equipment & Supplies
    • Electronic Components & Accessories
    • Energy
    • Environment
    • Fabric & Textile Raw Material
    • Fashion Accessories
    • Food & Beverage
    • Furniture
    • Gifts & Crafts
    • Health & Medical
    • Home & Garden
    • Home Appliances
    • Home Textiles
    • Lights & Lighting
    • Luggage Bags & Cases
    • Machinery
    • Minerals & Metallurgy
    • Office & School Supplies
    • Packaging & Printing
    • Rubber & Plastics
    • Security & Protection
    • Shoes & Accessories
    • Sports & Entertainment
    • Timepieces Jewelry Eyewear
    • Tools & Hardware
    • Toys & Hobbies
    • Vehicles & Accessories
  • Negotiation Questions

    Should I communicate with suppliers outside of TWMP?

    No, it is not recommended to communicate with suppliers outside of Tradewinds Marketplace. All communications should be conducted within the platform to ensure security and compliance with our user terms and conditions. Violating this can result in account termination.

  • How can I engage in negotiations?

    To negotiate with suppliers:

    1. RFQ Manager: Use the RFQ manager in your dashboard for RFQ deals.
    2. Message Center: Directly message the seller through the message center in your dashboard.
    3. Accept and Pay: Once you accept a quote, make a payment via the RFQ manager or message center. The paid invoice will be converted into an order, trackable in the order management section of your dashboard.
  • Ordering Questions

    How do I place an order?

    1. Live Buy Products: Add the desired product to your cart and proceed to checkout.
    2. Invoice Deals: Negotiate with the supplier, confirm the quote, and make the payment to convert the quote into an official invoice and order.

    How does TWMP protect my online transaction?

    Tradewinds Marketplace safeguards your transactions by holding the funds until the order is delivered and confirmed by you. This ensures the seller fulfills their obligations before the payment is released.

    When will the supplier ship my order?

    For live buy products, sellers typically ship within 72 hours. For custom items or negotiated products, the shipping timeline is agreed upon during the negotiation process.

    When will I receive my order?

    Track your shipments using the tracking module in the order section of your dashboard. This allows you to monitor all your shipments and expected delivery dates.

    Can I track my order?

    Yes, you can track your order using the tracking module in your dashboard. This module provides real-time updates on the status of your shipments and expected delivery dates.

    After Sales Questions

    How do I open a dispute for my order?

    1. File Escalation: Go to the order summary widget and file an escalation for your order.
    2. Provide Details: Provide all necessary details and evidence related to the dispute.

    What is the dispute process for an order?

    The dispute process involves

    1. Investigation: The Tradewinds Marketplace administration team investigates the dispute.
    2. Resolution: If the seller cannot resolve the issue, Tradewinds Marketplace will make a determination based on provided information and platform policies.

    How do I return products for my order?

    To return products:

    1. Contact Seller: Communicate with the seller directly..
    2. Unresponsive Seller: If the seller is unresponsive, return the items to the shipping address provided and submit the necessary evidence to Tradewinds Marketplace’s administration when filing a dispute.

    When will my dispute case be solved?

    Dispute cases typically take around 3-4 weeks to investigate and resolve. This includes gathering information, reviewing evidence, and making a fair decision.

    How do I cancel a dispute for my order?

    To cancel a dispute:

    1. Order Summary Widget: Use the order summary widget to cancel the dispute at any stage of the process.

    How do I check the status of my dispute case?

    Check the status of your dispute case via the order summary widget, which provides up-to-date information on the progress and actions taken.

  • Seller Questions

    How do I start selling on TWMP?

    To start selling on Tradewinds Marketplace

    1. Create Account: Sign up and create a seller account.
    2. Complete Profile: Provide all necessary information and complete your profile.
    3. Verify Identity: Undergo the verification process carried out by our affiliate to ensure security and compliance.
    4. Choose Subscription Plan: Select a subscription plan that suits your needs from the Subscription Plans section in your profile.
    5. Add Products: Use the product upload feature to add your products to the marketplace.
    6. Manage Orders: Use the order management tools to track and fulfill orders.

    What are the subscription plans available for sellers?

    Tradewinds Marketplace offers various subscription plans to suit different business needs. Visit the Subscription Plans section in your seller profile to view and select the plan that best fits your business requirements.

    How do I manage my product listings?

    To manage your product listings

    1. Dashboard: Access your seller dashboard.
    2. Product Section: Go to the product section to view all your published products.
    3. Edit Listings: Click on any product to edit its details, such as description, price, and inventory levels.
    4. Add New Products: Use the "Add New Product" button to upload new products.

    How do I handle returns and refunds?

    1. Communicate with Buyer: Address the buyer’s concerns and try to resolve the issue directly.
    2. Process Refund: If a refund is agreed upon, process it through the Seller Portal.
    3. Refund Calculations: Refund amounts are calculated based on the order value plus shipping charges, with an additional 5% penalty if applicable.

    What are the prohibited actions for sellers?

    Sellers on Tradewinds Marketplace are prohibited from

    • Using brand names that trick buyers or are trademarked.
    • Diverting customers to another website.
    • Exchanging personal email addresses to communicate outside the platform.
    • Using personal emails to reach out to buyers..
    • Cheating to get good reviews.

    Violations can result in account suspension or termination.

    General Questions

    What is Tradewinds Eco?

    Tradewinds Eco is a dedicated section of Tradewinds Marketplace focused on eco-friendly and sustainable products. It connects conscious businesses and consumers with vetted environmentally responsible brands, ensuring that all products meet rigorous sustainability standards.

    Tradewinds Eco is a groundbreaking division of Tradewinds Marketplace dedicated to promoting eco-friendly and sustainable products. Launched to meet the growing global demand for environmentally responsible commerce, Tradewinds Eco serves as a unique platform connecting conscious businesses and consumers with vetted brands that prioritize sustainability.Here’s a comprehensive overview of Tradewinds Eco and its features:

    Mission and Vision

    The mission of Tradewinds Eco is to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers approach commerce by integrating sustainability at its core. The vision is to create a future where every business decision and purchase contributes positively to the planet’s health. Tradewinds Eco aims to make sustainable products more accessible and to drive meaningful change in global trade practices.

    What regions does TWMP cover?

    Tradewinds Marketplace covers multiple regions, including

    • North America
    • Central America
    • South America
    • The Caribbean
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Australia

    These regions encompass a vast network of verified suppliers and buyers.

    How does TWMP promote sustainability?

    Tradewinds Marketplace promotes sustainability through its Tradewinds Eco division. This initiative offers eco-friendly products and supports sustainable practices, ensuring that all listed products meet high environmental standards.

    How can I contact TWMP support?

    For any questions or assistance, you can contact Tradewinds Marketplace support Our team is ready to help with any inquiries or issues you may have.

    This comprehensive list of FAQs covers various aspects of Tradewinds Marketplace, providing detailed information to help users navigate and utilize the platform effectively.